Never work with a graphics designer before? Learn how to work with a graphic designer in the smartest way. Because if you don't know how to manage a design brief and conversation with the designer,  you will not get perfect output. Always we recommend to customers Design is a very creative field, give proper details to customers and let them work their own way.

5 tips for better collaboration

  1. Try to give some examples, don't just tell 
  2. Figure out your requirements first 
  3. Start with detailed consent
  4. Overexplain
  5. Keep an open mind​


Try to give some examples, don't just tell

Every client wants a very unique and powerful design. Design is a modern way to advertise products or anything you want to show. There are many types of designs, decide which one you want for your brand or yourself.

Getting a perfect design, is a very creative way to give examples to customers. Because sometimes designers don't guess your idea or requirement and what kind of design you want. For example, you want a poster for a clothing sale Now designers can provide many types of categories to sell clothing posters. It takes time and most customers compare their needs which are not matched by the output. In this case, a design example can give you the perfect solution. If you can give 1/2 poster as an example, no matter if it doesn't match 50% It's enough for a designer, you have to describe it completely.


Figure out your requirements first 

We see many clients who want a perfect design for their brand but don't know which style is best for that. In this case, both the customer and the designer waste their time for determining their need. So we always advise our clients on what kind of design they want and determine their requirements. For example, if you want to sell a baby product with 70% discount, it will usually be easier to make a perfect design if you provide perfect requirements like color, product image, and all the resources you want to add to your design. 


Start with detailed consent 

Before starting work on your design project make sure your all details are clear for a designer. Keep note that, every small information is valuable for a design. Because details can make design very meaningful. So try to give all details like why you want a design, where to use it, your brand color theme, any example photos or elements, your target audience etc 



Over-explaining is a bad thing. Avoid using vague terms and it is wrong to explain more than very little. Showing them visual examples, give them time as much as possible. In addition to project parameters and creative style, share your objectives and business goals with your designer.


Keep an open mind

Generally, clients have a specific vision of what they want in their head and they hire designers to bring that idea to life. But graphic design is a powerful and complex place, and designers know things about your vision that you don't. The idea in your head may not be as possible as you think, or perhaps your designer's idea ticks more boxes than your original.

When you hire a graphic designer, you're not just paying for their artistic skills, you're also paying for their knowledge and skills. When they say a new idea is better than an old idea, keep an open mind.